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The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are. 




People are resilient despite the challenges they face and they have inside of them all that is necessary to heal, grow, and reach their greatest potential. Counselling and therapy can help you find ways to nurture your potential through exploration of thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs. It can also be a way to identify barriers, gain insight, and foster healthy growth.

Taking the first step toward your wellness can feel overwhelming. Welcome. Are you ready to make a change? Are you seeking perspective, clarity, meaning, or direction in your life? I help people who are feeling the effects of stress and trauma (from childhood or more recent events) and are interested in processing these experiences in a warm, supportive space. Memories can sometimes get stuck in our bodies and may result in mental, physical, and emotional stress. Together, we can work on identifying and processing these stressors, developing healthy ways of expressing and releasing emotions, and practice skills for lifelong change.

I offer individual counselling to adults. Here are some of the concerns I have experience addressing:

  • Childhood Trauma, Reparenting Self

  • Relational Trauma, Past Abuse, Breaking Old Patterns

  • Attachment, Love and Belonging, Feeling Secure in Relationships

  • Relationship with Self - Self-esteemIdentity, Immigrant or Child of an Immigrant, Racial Identity, Personal Growth

  • Traumatic Stress, Chronic Stress, Work Stress, Burnout, Stressor Management

  • AngerWorrySadness, Emotion Regulation (understanding, connecting to, and managing overwhelming emotions)

  • Grief and Loss, Bereavement, Job Loss, Break-ups, Separation and Divorce


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